Franciscans International (FI) works at the United Nations (UN) to address human rights injustices that impact on the poor and most vulnerable. FI is a non-governmental organisation with UN General Consultative Status and a shared ministry of the global Franciscan Family.

FI is inspired by Franciscan values envisioning a global community in which the dignity of every person is respected, the resources are shared equitably, the environment is sustained, and nations and peoples live in peace.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the official accreditation of Franciscans International as an NGO with the United Nations.  This was the culmination of the efforts of the Franciscan Family to establish a Franciscan voice at the UN, and the true beginning of FI’s advocacy work.

Twenty-five years on, FI is proud to uphold the vision of its founders, and to continue breaking new ground in international advocacy. Over the past year FI have spoken out on the issues of children’s rights, trafficking, the rights of indigenous peoples and extreme poverty, among others.  

The booklet Development: sustainable for whom? was published in December 2013, accompanying FI’s work against destructive mining projects including fracking, and other concerns in environmental justice.

FI continue to undertake training and consultation projects with its partners around the world. It  works for and with an international network of grassroots supporters. It is thanks to this partnership that the advocacy has an impact.

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