Dear Friends,

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas I recommend that you spend some time reflecting upon this extract from St. Bonaventure’s Major Life of St. Francis of Assisi X, 7

“A knight called John from Greccio, a pious and truthful man who had abandoned his profession in the world for love of Christ and was a great friend of St. Francis, claimed that he saw a beautiful child asleep in the crib, and that St. Francis took it in his arms and seemed to wake it up.   The integrity of this witness and the miracles which afterwards took place, as well as the truth indicated by the vision itself, all go to prove its reality.   The example which Francis put before the world was calculated to rouse the hearts of those who are weak in the faith, and the hay from the crib, which was kept by the people, afterwards cured sick animals and drove off various pestilences.   Thus God wished to give glory to his servant Francis and prove the efficacy of his prayer by clear signs.”

Wishing you and your dear ones  a peaceful and very happy Christmas.