Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   Today we have two options either to wallow in the present reality or to take it as an opportunity to look at the bigger picture, to look for the MORE in our midst.

A question I pose to you is: What might God be saying to me during this time of crisis???   It was when St. Francis of Assisi was at his lowest, that he wandered into the little broken down church in Assisi and prayed in front of the San Damiano crucifix, repeating this question to the Lord; “What do you want me to do?”   Listening attentively  to the Lord the message  he received was; “Go and repair my church, which is falling to ruin.”   Initially Francis took this message literally and began to re-build the church of San Damiano.   This was a step in his conversion process but later Francis understood the message to be a much greater challenge – to go and repair the Church -(capital C) which, like our Church today was in a state of crisis. The Church in the time of St. Francis was very broken.

What is God asking of you during this pandemic?   Is this unprecedented crisis challenging you to reflect on life?   What kind of questions is it posing for you?

I pray that you and your family will keep safe and well during this time.   I encourage you to be happy and positive and to help those either through prayer or good works who might need your support.    Look out for those on the margins of society and those who are ill and or elderly who may  not have anyone to help.   And remember ‘God is with you’.

Keep safe and well and wishing you and your family many graces and blessings.