Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   God speaks to us and calls us in so many different ways.   In Baptism all of us are called and as we grow older we are invited to respond in the way that is best for us.   Some people are called to marriage, others to priesthood or religious life,and others are called to be single.   It’s important that we reflect on, and respond to our call – respond honestly to the desire of our hearts.

The fact that you are reading this ‘blog’ on the Franciscan website might be an indication that you are interested in responding to the call to follow Jesus as a Franciscan.   If so God needs you to respond to this call.  

Making contact with me is only a 1st step and serious discernment can take quite some time.   As a Vocations Director it’s not my job to put pressure on one who seeks my help in their discernment, but it is my duty to try to help and support them in their responding to ‘God’s Call’.

In the Old Testament God spoke to Elijah not in the hurricane, not in the eartquake, not in the fire…but in a gentle and quiet whisper.   (Read the 1st Book of Kings Chapter 19, verses 19-21).   Could this be the quiet whisper in which God is calling you????

If you feel called to respond to this blog as many others have done e.mail me at:                        I will get back to you as soon as possible.

God is with you.