Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!  The Gospel Way of life is the basis for Franciscan identity and spirituality.   Our Franciscan Way is about observing the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Shortly after his conversion Francis of Assisi heard a Gospel reading at Mass:  “The reading was the passage about the Lord sending out his disciples to preach.   Francis was present but he only half heard the reading, so as soon as Mass was over he humbly begged the priest to explain the reading to him.   The priest went through it from beginning to end, and hearing that Christ’s disciples were not to possess gold or silver or any money at all, nor to have any baggage, nor carry any staff as they went about, nor to wear shoes, nor to have no more than as single tunic;  but they were to preach the Kingdom of God and repentance, Francis at once cried out in exultation:  “This is what I want.   This is my goal.   This is what I want to do with all my heart.”  St. Francis of Assisi by Thomas of Celano (22)

We are all called by God.   Some are called to be priests, brothers or sisters and others are called to the married or single state but  “ALL THE FAITHFUL,whatever their condition or state, are called by the Lord, each in his or her own way, to  that perfect holiness by which the Father himself is perfect” (Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, II)

What is God calling you to do????   Are you listening?   Are you seeking guidance in the Gospels?

God bless you as you continue on your discernment journey.