Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace. No matter who we are or how we behave or have behaved God can speak to us in our day to day life.  

In the ‘Legend of the Three Companions’ we  read about Francis’ early life and how his ‘parents reprimanded him, telling him that he spent so much money on himself and others that he seemed to be the son of some great prince rather than  their son… He was a very flamboyant squanderer of wealth…

One day when he was in the shop where he was selling cloth, totally absorbed in business of this sort, a poor man came in, begging alms for the love of God. Preoccupied with thoughts of wealth and the care of business, he did not give him alms. Touched by divine grace, he accused himself of great rudeness saying: “If that poor man had asked something from you for a great count or baron, you would certainly have granted him his request. How much more should you have done this for the King of kings and the Lord of all!”

Because of this incident, he resolved in his heart, from then on, not to deny a request to anyone asking in the name of so great a Lord.’

Can you recall a time when you have been touched by divine grace?

Have you ever reflected on how you treat people in your day to day dealings with them?

Perhaps it’s on reflecting on your day to day life, your day to day activities, that you will hear God’s CALL.

God bless you and if you want to find out more about the ‘Franciscan Way’ of life please do not hesitate to contact me at: