Dear Friends,

Peace!   Central to our way of life is ‘Fraternity’ or ‘Brotherhood.   In the ‘Rule of 1221, chapter IX we are told:

“The friars should have no hesitation about telling one another what they need, so that they can provide for one another.   They are bound to love and care for one another as brothers, according to the means God gives them, just as a mother loves and cares for her son.”   In the Admonitions, XXV we read:  “Blessed that friar who loves his brotherdigest2.jpg as much when he is sick and can be of no use to him as when he is well and can be of us to him.    

Blessed that friar who loves and respects his brother as much when he is absent as when he is present and who would not say anything behind his back that he could not say charitable to his face.”

We have a lot to live up to as Friars Minor!!!   Maybe you could help us to live a more ‘brotherly life’.   If you would like to hear more about the Order of Friars Minor why not sit down now and e.mail me at:       

May the Lord bless and keep you always.