As you enter this new ‘Vocations Blog’

I ask St. Francis to bless you personally with the blessing for Br Leo:
                                        “God bless you and keep you.
                                        May God smile on you ,
                                        and be merciful to you;
                                        May God turn his regard towards you
                                        and give you peace.”

Dear Friend,
May the Lord give you peace!   Welcome to this new ‘Vocations Blog’.   This was just set up the other day so your are probably one of the first to enter this space.

The chances are you are interested in finding out more about the ‘Franciscan Way’ so I encourage you not to be afraid but to stay with your dream and pursue it.   If you are male, and between the age of twenty and forty this may be the life for you.

Over the last two weeks I’ve met up with six men who are living in various parts of Ireland and who are presently discerning their vocation with me.   Some of them have been in contact with me for only a short time, others for a bit longer but we meet regularly to talk about their dream.   A number of these men have spent week-ends with us in one of our friaries just experiencing our way of  life and joining us for prayer, meals and community gatherings.

At present there are two men in our postulancy programme, both of them doing very well and both very happy.

IIf you are interested in finding out more please do not hesitate to contact me.   The Lord is with you!