“A Christian is one who is invited to join in the feast,

to the joy of being saved, to the joy of being redeemed,

to the joy of sharing life with the Risen Christ.

This is a joy! You are called to a party!” (Pope Francis)

From the Easter Letter of our Minister General, Michael Perry, OFM:

“The Resurrection event cannot be reduced to the contemplation of a dead person coming back to life.

The Resurrection transcends the physical dimension and through the effects it produces leads us to an experience of authentic salvation, just as the first-generation disciples experienced it.

“Luke the Evangelist insists that the Risen Lord can only be recognized when we walk with him, while he teaches and opens up the Scriptures to us, and especially when we sit at table with him sharing the bread that is broken. Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him, says the text, to emphasize that despite their foolishness, after having walked the way with him, they managed to rediscover the new presence of the Risen Lord.

“This is the good news that the Gospel itself proclaims: we too will be able to overcome every temptation to self-absorption or skepticism if we practice listening to God and our brothers — if we are able to understand with our hearts and minds the revealed Word that is handed on to us.

“In St. Francis, we have an obvious example of a person who, in the company of with his brothers and the poor, walks the Gospel way and whose heart is full of joy because he recognizes the One who transformed his life for good.”

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