Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   Pope John Paul II proclaimed St. Francis the patron saint of ecologists.   The Canticle of the sun gives us some insights why St. Francis was given this great title.   This translation (an extract), is taken from Franciscan Spirit by Frances Teresa OSC.

Praise and glory, honour and blessing be yours, O Lord, O Most High, Most Powerful.

Praise and glory, honour and blessing be yours, O Most High. O my Lord, be praised.

Let everything that you have made be a song of praise to you, above all his Excellency the Sun (our brother); through him you flood our days with light.  He is so beautiful, so radiant, so splendid, O Most igh, he reminds us of you.

My Lord, be praised through our Sister the Moon and through each Star.   You made them so clear and precious and lovely and set them in the heavens for all to see.485778_354830964606363_578353338_nThrough Brother Wind and Sister Water be praised, O Lord, be praised.friars-polar-plunge

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Many blessings,