The present Catholic parish church is on the site of the medieval friary.

Remains: while nothing remains of the buildings, some pieces of cut sone and some carvings are kept in the Presentation Convent graveyard; a sarcophagus is used as a font in the parish church; N.B. – four tomb slabs (a knight and three ladies) have been inserted into the walls around the Church of Ireland Cathedral.
‘Hacket’s Abbey’ was founded by Sir William Hacket about 1265.  It later became the head-house of one of the custodies of the Irish Franciscan Province.  Despite the fact that the Anglican archbishop got possession of the friary at the Suppression, the friars were able to remain on until about 1550.  One famous friar in Cashel at this period was the notorious Myler Magrath.  The friars returned to Cashel in 1618, but left after the sacking of the town by Lord Inchiquin in 1647.  The friars were back by 1658 and remained on until the eighteenth century.