28 04, 2006

Muckross (Co. Kerry)/ Irialach



The site is a well-nown tourist attraction by the Lakes of Killarney.

Remains: the church, transept chapel, tower and friary are complete.

Donal McCarthy Mór founded the friary of muckross for the Observant friars about 1448.  buildign continued for nearly fifty years.  the friary was dedicated to the Holy Trinity.  The community was legally suppressed in 1541, but the friars were able to remain in residence until about 1589, when two friary were killed during an English raid.


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28 04, 2006

Quin (Co. Clare) / Cuinche



The site is on the edge of the village, behind the Catholic church.

Remains: church, tower, transept chapel, friary and some outbuildings are complete; note how the ruins of the old castle have been skillfuly incorporated into the friary, also the gigantic tomb of the Butlers of Dunboyne in the room beside the refectory.

Quin was founded for the Observants on the basis of permission obtained by Sioda Cam MacNamara in 1433.  It was built on the ruins of a de Clare castle founded in 1280.  Under O'Brien protection, the friars were able to live on after the Suppression.


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28 04, 2006

Ennis (Co. Clare) / Inis




The old abbey is situated on Abbey Street just around the corner from the present friary.

Remains: church, tower and transept chapel are complete, as are the east range and parts of the cloister; N.B. - the tremendous amount of cut stone and bas-reliefs: the MacMahon tomb in its original form and the parts incorporated into another tomb, St. Francis, the small Ecce Homo, and all the stone work under the tower.


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