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3 06, 2012



A Franciscan minstrel and a Jewish troubadour may have found the path to peace and it’s paved with a song.

Franciscan Brother Al Mascia and Steve Klaper collaborate in song to spread a message of peace.

“We usually come together when there is trouble, when something is destroyed or defaced,” said Steve Klaper. “Really we should be coming together for good things.” And these men do. Franciscan Brother Al Mascia and Maggid Steve Klaper are both men of faith. They are also singers, songwriters and storytellers. Maggid is the traditional title for a Jewish inspirational storyteller or preacher. They perform individually and together to advance tolerance, understanding and appreciation of different faiths.  They teamed up a few years ago after the woman who books Brother Al’s appearances happened to contact a friend of Klaper’s wife. She suggested the men meet. The Klapers invited Brother Al over for dinner for one of the Jewish holidays and they “clicked immediately,” said Klaper.

14 04, 2012



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7 04, 2012



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