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4 05, 2012

Franciscans and Work


Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you Peace!   I've made reference before to 'Prayer' and 'Fraternity' as priorities of our order.   Ministry and work too areamerica.jpg extremely important.   Francis did not like laziness and he encouraged his brothers to work.   If you are considering the 'Franciscan Way' you might want to pay attention to the following words of our Father and Brother Francis of Assisi:

"And I used to work with my hands, and I still desire to work.   I firmly wish that all my brothers give themselves to honest work.Let those who do not know how to work learn, not from the desire for receiving wages for their work, but as an example and in order to avoid idleness.   When we are not paid for our work, let us have recourse to the table of the Lord, seeking alms from door to door.   The Lord revealed to me a greeting, as we used to say, "May the Lord give you Peace." (Francis and Clare - Brady and Armstrong page 155)

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4 05, 2012

Make a dwelling place within ourselves


Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   The following is an exhortcreation11.jpgation to the friars from our Founder, Francis of Assisi:

"In that love which is God, I entreat all my friars, ministers and subjects, to put away every attachment, all care and solicitude, and serve, love, honour, and adore 

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4 05, 2012

Being accepted as a brother


Dear Friends,

Peace!   Central to our way of life is 'Fraternity' or 'Brotherhood.   In the 'Rule of 1221, chapter IX we are told:

"The friars should have no hesitation about telling one another what they need, so that they can provide for one another.   They are bound to love and care for one another as brothers, according to the means God gives them, just as a mother loves and cares for her son."   In the Admonitions, XXV we read:  "Blessed that friar who loves his brotherdigest2.jpg as much when he is sick and can be of no use to him as when he is well and can be of us to him.    

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4 05, 2012

Back at my desk!!


Dear Friends,

Peace and joy to you all!   I haven't been in touch for a number of weeks now and during my time in the U.S.A and Canada our two novices, Jack O'Riordan and David Collins made 1st Profession in the Franciscan Friary, Ennis, Co Clare.   This was a very special day for all of us in the Irish Franciscan Province, the 1st Profession of two new Brothers.   Just a week before that two other men, one from Co Cavan and one from Co Cork joined our postulancy programme (their 1st year of formation in the Franciscan way of life).   Needless to say there is always great joy among the brothers when men come to experience our way of life.Assisi09_056.jpg

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4 05, 2012

Peace be with you!


Dear Friends,
The Lord give you peace!   You may notice that I often use the word 'peace' in my blogs.   Peace was central to the life of Francis of Assisi.   He always proclaimed peace - indeed his first biographer Brother Thomas of Celano has this to say about him:amnesty2.jpg

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