The Novena in honour of St Anthony has taken place in our Franciscan churches throughout Ireland, and indeed the world. It culminated on 13 June with the celebration of the great saint’s feast day.

Many thousands attended the celebrations on that day which included a solmen Eucharist for the feast, the blessing of the St Anthony Lilies, and the blessing of children.

The celebrations that took place in Killarney were mirrored in our other friaries.

In Killarney the Novena Director this year was Fr Antony Jukes OFM from England. Over the nine days he preached the Word of God, guided the people in prayer, read some their prayer requests for the saint’s intercession and led the joyful feast day festivities.

Friar Antony preaches the Word

St Anthony Lilies ready for blessing!


Children are brought by their parents for a special blessing.