Dear Friends,
May the Lord give you peace! In the Franciscan Rule our little brother and Founder of our Order, St. Francis of Assisi tells us, his followers: “Whoever comes to them, friend and foe, thief or robber, let them be treated with kindness… They must rejoice when they live among people considered of little value and looked down upon, among the poor the powerless, the sick,the lepers, and the beggars by the wayside.”

Pope Francis has this to say in one of his sermons:   “I urge you to serve Jesus Crucified in every person who is on the margins, for whatever reason;  to see the Lord in every excluded person who is hungry, thirsty, naked; to see the Lord present even in those who have lost their faith, or turned away from the practice of their faith, or say that they are atheist; to see the Lord who is imprisoned, sick, unemployed, persecuted;  to see the Lord in the leper – whether in body or soul – who encounters discrimination.   We will not find the Lord unless we truly accept the marginalized!!

What a challenge posed by both St. Francis and Pope Francis!!

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