We wish you and all your loved ones a wonderful Christmas – Joy and Blessings!

Our Minister General, Michael Perry, reflects on the mystery of this sacred time in his Christmas Letter to the Franciscan Family:

St. Francis composed one of his special “psalms” of the Office of the Passion for Christmas Vespers. The text expresses gladness and delight at the birth of Christ, but also recognizes the humility of the surroundings of the Babe of Bethlehem: “For the Most Holy Child has been given to us and has been born for us on the way and placed in a manger because he did not have a place in the inn.”


Throughout his life, Francis was deeply moved by the fact that Jesus, Son of God and Son of Mary, chose to embrace the status of the “lesser ones.” His consistent preference is to be among those considered “less than” others, sinners and Samaritans, Gentiles and tax collectors. His own closest followers come from modest backgrounds, including fishermen and a former tax collector. God manifests his unconditional love for his beloved children, irrespective of their worthiness, meeting them on the way towards a restored and dignified humanity.


From the most exalted status of divinity, the Word, the Beloved Son, humbles himself to receive, as Francis writes, the “flesh of our humanity and frailty” from the womb of the holy Virgin Mary. This choice, a completely free act of God’s overflowing love, is that of becoming a creature among creatures, in order for the Son to lead all of them back to their source in the loving communion of the Trinity.