We wish you a blessed and happy Christmas. May you know peace in your hearts and homes, as we continue to pray for Christ’s peace in our divided world.

You will be remembered in our prayers throughout this holy season. Please, pray for us!

Below is the Christmas Message from our Minister General, Massimo Fusarelli OFM.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

The Lord give you peace! 

This Christmas falls exactly 800 years after Christmas in Greccio. This Christmas, we recognize signs of light and signs of darkness at the same time.

The light of Jesus’ birth comes at a time when peace is threatened. Many of our brothers and sisters live on these war frontiers and stay among and with people, especially the poor.
Today we want to make our own the cry of a wounded humanity , which awaits and wants peace. A single human family means feeling the pain of others on our own skin, the desperation of those who fear for their children, of those who do not have the necessary food as of those who have a pain in their heart.

God looks with love at our world in crisis and for this he gives his Son and in faith allows us to recognize more open doors than closed ones, more opportunities than signs of death. 
The crisis of this dark time is therefore also an opportunity . An opportunity to cultivate dialogue, for a new encounter with the One who made himself poor for us and to reaffirm faith in Jesus Christ today as memory and prophecy. 

Dear brothers and sisters! Today we are preparing to experience a bright and dark Christmas together, like in Bethlehem, where a Child is born who is Peace and is threatened at the same time . 

In this spirit I offer to all my most fraternal wishes for a Holy Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023, the beginning of the Franciscan Centenary .