Dear Friends, 

May the Lord give you peace!   Today’s Gospel John 1: 43-51 poses two important commands one from Jesus to Philip ‘Follow Me’ and one from Philip to Nathanael ‘Come and See’.   

On this the eve of the Epiphany as I reflect on the Magi I have become aware of their great courage as they went out of their way to find Jesus.   As Philip invited Nathanael to ‘Come and See’ I invite you to ‘Come and See’ to seek and find Jesus and to be open to the newness that Jesus will bring to your life, to obey his command ‘Follow Me’.

You and I are on a journey seeking God.   We all have our own questions.   Let us have the courage to be different, to be our own person, to seek that important ‘Star’ – JESUS, and to enjoy the difference HE will make to your life.

Many blessings,