COVID 19 Notice

Franciscan Province of Ireland

During these unusual times we have had to make a number of changes to protect the ongoing health and safety of our Franciscan communities, staff and members of the public.

Church Services

ALL public services are currently prohibited under the Government Guidelines.  We will continue to monitor this and will resume services as soon as possible. 

A number of our Friaries offer religious services via webcam or Facebook. Please click on the links for friaries listed below.

Athlone Friary

Killarney Friary

Dublin Friary, Merchants Quay  

Private Prayer

Private prayer is available in a number of our churches at present, and we are working to put in place measures to facilitate this in other communities. Check your local friary for details.


Confessions are not currently available in any of our Franciscan churches.

Mass Cards

Our Friary Offices are currently closed.  However, Mass Offerings and Cards are available here:  MASS OFFERINGS


While we cannot currently conduct public ceremonies, we continue our ministry of bringing Christ’s compassion to His people.  As Franciscan Friars we are reaching out to help communities in these difficult times. And, of course, we pray daily for all your needs and intentions.

Our missionary work in Africa and Central America is now more important than ever as COVID ravages other regions of the world.

Our churches will require some alterations as a result of the present reality so as to ensure the safety of all congregants.

If you feel you would like to assist with any of this work donations may be made here DONATE  

Thank you very much for your ongoing loving support.

We pray Christ’s abundant blessings on you and your loved ones. May the Lord give you His peace.