Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   As a child I remember learning this prayer.   I was delighted when I heard that my sister prayed it with her children as she sent them off to school each morning.    I continue to recite in on a fairly regular basis.    If you haven’t heard it, it’s simple so maybe you’d like to learn it:

Angel of God,

my Guardian dear,

to whom God’s love commits me here,

ever this day,

be at my side,

to light and guard,

to rule and guide.   Amen

St. Francis of Assisi had devotion to angels.   Thomas of Celano in his Second Life of St. Francis, CH, CXLIX, No. 197 wrote:

“Francis venerated with a very great affection the angels, who are with us in our struggle and who walk in the midst of the shadow of death with us.   Such companions who were everywhere with us, he used to say, are to be venerated, such are to be invoked as our guardians.   He used to teach that their presence must not be offended, and that we must not presume to do before them what we would not do before people.”

Do walk gently with God and remember as you prepare for the great feast of Christmas and rush around or just ‘be quiet’  that your Guaridan Angel is with you guiding you and protecting you.

I pray that you will enter into the remaining days of Advent that you will be more aware of God’s presence.

God is with you.