Dear Friends,

The Franciscans began with one little man Francis of Assisi deciding to LIVE THE GOSPEL.   This was over 800 years ago and the sensation that this one man ‘LIVING THE GOSPEL’ caused attracted many young people in Assisi and surrounding areas.   A man of high social standing Bernard of Quintavalle after observing Francis in prayer and after giving away all of his possessions to the poor of Assisi he was the first to join Francis.   Bernard was followed by a priest, Peter of Catania.   Next to jumb on the bandwagon was a farmer by the name of Egidio.   In this group alone was a farmer, a merchant, a priest and a nobleman and they continued to come – from all walks of life.   By the time of Francis’ death in 1226 aged only 44 there were approximately 5,000 men followers.   By that time the Francis’ followers had already reached Ireland.   We’re still here and men still join us and from ‘all walks of life’ attracted by Jesus, St. Francis and according to men that make contact with me, impressed by the ministry and life of the Franciscans in Ireland and worldwide at this time.

We now have men in all stages of Franciscan formation and studies and this week-end I’m holding another ‘Experience Our Life’ week-end for men presently discerning with me.   By spending a week-end in our novitiate community these men will experience the prayer, community, ministerial and recreational life of the friars.   This will help them greatly in their discernment and with God’s help some of them will join our Postulancy Programme (1st year of Franciscan Studies), next September.   If you are interested in finding out more about follow up week-ends please do not hesitate to contact me at      

Many, many blessings as you continue in your discernment.