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The Minister General of the Order, Michael Perry, OFM, has sent a letter to our Poor Clare Sisters throughout the world for the feast of St Clare, 11 August.

He writes:  ‘Our Franciscan-Jesuit Pope Francis, in his letter inaugurating the Jubilee Year of Mercy, spoke about the continual call to conversion offered by our Father of Mercies.

This resonates with Clare’s description of her vocation as enlightenment to do penance after the example and teaching of our most blessed Father Saint Francis.

This Year of Mercy also has a special resonance for us because it is the eighth centenary of the great Pardon of Assisi which our Father Francis obtained from Honorius III in 1216.

He asked for it because our Lady told him to – no better reason – and because he shared in God’s immense desire to unite everyone with Himself in joy.

This desire to share God’s mercy is still alive in the heart of the Church, as the Year of Mercy shows.

Colette, Galway - Copy

Sr Colette, Galway Monastery

 On behalf of my brothers, I wish you every blessing and grace, and a share in the wise wish of Pope Francis for our sisters of the Protomonastery in Assisi:

“May He grant you a great humanity, to be persons who know how to grasp human problems, who know how to forgive, who know how to petition the Lord on behalf of people.”

I wish you great joy in this celebration of the feast day of our Mother St Clare.

Like all the brothers, I keep you in my prayers and beg you to keep me and the whole Order in yours.’