Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace.   Tomorrow we celebrate the feast of Our Holy Mother Clare.   This evening, Friar Hilary and I, together with some Franciscan Sisters, other Religious, and mambers of the Secular Franciscan Order celebrated the Transitus of St. Clare, the passing from this world to her heavenly home in 1253, at the Poor Clare Monastery, Nuns’ Island, Galway.   After celebrating the Transitus with the Poor Clares,  the Sisters, though remaining in the ‘Enclosure’, joined us for tea, goodies and chat.   They chatted and we ate!!!!!

To celebrate the Feast, on this the 800th anniversary of the founding of their order, the Sisters presented us with ‘DAILY REFLECTIONS TO GUIDE US THROUGH THE WEEK’

Here are two of those reflections:

WEDNESDAY:  “I thank you Lord for creating me”

                                   (St. Clare – dying words)

Help me to see myself as you see me,

life-giving God.

You made me as I am:

you delight in my creation.

You do not ask me to be strong,

you simply ask me to be yours.

I thank you, dear Lord.   Amen

THURSDAY:  “Each one should make known her

                       needs with confidence to the other;

                       for if a mother loves and nourishes

                                                                                       her child according to the flesh, how

                                                                                       much more lovingly must not a sister

                                                                                       love and nourish her sister according

                                                                                       to the Spirit.”

                                                                                                                    (St. Clare, Rule)

Abba, Father,

I look to you, holding in my arms

all whom I now think of:

friends, family,

those I have heard about –

in conversation, on the news,

anyone who needs to be thought of.

I look to you with trust and confidence

that you will hold them with me.         Amen

Let us pray for all the Poor Clare Sisters throughout the world but in a very special way let us remember  those in Ireland –  (Galway, Ennis, Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Carlow, and Drumshambo).   Check out the Galway website:      There you will probably find links to the other Monasteries.

Wishing all of you a happy and peaceful Feast of St. Clare of Assisi.

God bless you.


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