Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   Given the many problems Pope Francis has to face he was asked about  his ‘serenity’ at a gathering of Superior General’s in Rome in 2016.   In response the Pope claimed that since his election as Pope to have “a very special experience of profound peace.   It does not abandon me I live in peace.   I cannot explain it.”   Then Pope Francis went on to say: “if there is a problem, I write a note to St. Joseph and put it under a statue that I have in my room.   It is a statue of St. Joseph sleeping.   And now he sleeps on a pattern of notes!  That’s why I sleep well:  it is the grace of God.”   

Often during times of discernment, particularly when discerning our vocation we can encounter problems, leading us to wondering ‘will I or won’t I’ and sometimes causing disturbed sleep etc.   At these times I recommend you to call on St. Joseph – remember he was confused and uncertain as to what to do in relation to marrying Mary and his outside help came from an angel.   Your angel might be St Joseph or maybe a Spiritual Director, a Vocations Director, a Confessor or even a close friend.

God bless you on this   special Feast Day – the Feast of St. Joseph.