Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   On this the feast of the Holy Souls let us pray for our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and all those now deceased who have inspired us in life.   In a special way I remember all the wonderful Franciscan Friars now with God who inspired me to live the Gospel the Franciscan Way.   I recall tonight how St. Francis welcomed ‘Sister Death’:  ‘Francis spent the remaining few days before his death in praise, teaching his much-beloved companions to praise Christ with him.   He also asked all creatures to praise God and, using the words he’d composed earlier, exhorted them to love God.   He even exhorted death itself, terrible and hated by all, to give praise;  and joyfully going to meet it, he invited death to be his lodger.  “Welcome,” he said, “my sister Death.”   From the Second Life of St. Francis by Thomas of CelanoAnd  again in the Second Life by Thomas of Celano we read:  when ‘St. Francis was dying he made clear to his brothers the uniqueness of each person’s response to Christ.   He covered the wound in his side with his right hand, as if to preserve the seal of his own unique response, and he said, “I have done what was mine to do;  may Christ teach you what is yours to do.” ‘

I pray that Christ will teach all of you who are discerning your vocation at this time to do what is best for you.   Many will definitely decide on marriage, some may decide to remain single and hopefully a significant number of you will decide on ‘The Franciscan Way’.    My e.mail address is:

Please do not hesitate to make contact if you want to find out more about our way of life.

Many blessings.