Dear Friends,

Peace!   Today on the 17th September we celebrate the ‘Stigmata of our Holy Father Francis of Assisi’.   On this day many Friars of the Irish Franciscan Province celebrate the anniversary of their Profession of Vows so best wishes to all.   An introduction from the Franciscan Supplement to the Breivary introduces this Feast with the following extract:  “From the very beginning of his conversion our seraphic Father Francis used to meditate on the crucified Christ with the utmost love and devotion, and never ceased until the day of his death to preach Christ to all by word and example.   In the year 1224 (two years before his death), while he was rapt in contemplation on La Verna, Christ our Lord worked a most wonderful prodigy;  he reproduced in Francis’ body the marks of his own Passion.   This well known happening was attested by trustworthy witnesses, and Benedict XI allowed the Friars Minor to recall it each year by celebrating the anniversary on this day.true_singer2Perhaps you might want to pray with St. Francis the following prayer:

I beg you, Lord,

let the fiery, gentle power of your love

take possession of my soul,

and snatch it away

from everything under heaven,

that I may die

for love of your love,

as you saw fit to die

for love of mine.

God bless you.   I pray that you might consider following in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi.