Dear Friends,

During this month dedicated to Mary our Mother we remember how our Brother and Holy Father Francis loved Mary.   Thomas of Celano in the ‘Second Life’ has this to say:

“Toward the Mother of Jesus he was filled with an inexpressible love, because it was she who made the Lord of Majesty our brother.Picture.jpg

He sang special Praises to her, poured out prayers to her, offered her his affections, so many and so great that the tongue of man cannot recount them.   But what delights us most, he made her the advocate of the order and placed under her wings the sons he was about to leave that she might cherish them and protect them to the end. – Hail, advocate of the poor!   Fulfill toward us your office of protectress until the time set by the Father.”

During this month of May let us pray for vocations to the ‘Franciscan Way of Life’ and pray too to Mary for those discerning their vocation at this time that she will give them the courage to say with her:  “Be it done unto me according to your Word”.   

God bless you,


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