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“His life, in fact, was totally marked by the word.   At the beginning of his evangelical journey it was the word which showed him what he had to do, and at the end of his days it would also be the word which would accompany him in his glorious passing.   The word was, for him, his travelling companion at all times, even allowing himself be totally penetrated by it:  “I have already taken in so much Scripture that I have more than enough for meditating and reflecting.   I do not need more, son:  I know Christ, poor and crucified.”   It is not strange that all his Writings, from the Prayers to the Rules, passing through the Letters and Admonitions, are full of biblical quotes, until they are presented as real and proper scriptural mosaics.   The word of the Lord in perfumed and Francis was inebriated by its fragrence.”

This is an extract from a Pentecost letter from the Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, Br. Jose Rodriguez Carballo to his brothers and sisters in the Order.

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