Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   Autumn is a very busy time in the Franciscan Friary Garden in Killarney as the trees are shedding many leaves and there’s also much weeding to be done.  This gives our postulants, Richard Cutting, Ronan Sharpley and Denis Aherne much practise in applying Chapter 5 of the Franciscan Rule:  “Those brothers to whom the Lord has given the grace of working should do their work faithfully and devotedly so that, avoiding idleness, the enemy of the soul, they do not extinguish the Spirit of holy prayer and devotion to which all other things of our earthly existence must contribute.”  Tomorrow they will spend time ministering to people in the ‘Penny Dinner Centre’ in Cork and during the week they spend a couple of days working at the St. John of God centre not too far from Killarney.This evening we have two other men coming to an ‘An Experience Our Life’ week-end, one from Dublin and one from Portlaoise so they will be kept busy entertaining and answering questions over the next couple of days.  These men will join the postulants and other members of the community for prayer, meals and recreation.  If you would like to know more about the Franciscan Way of life please contact me at

God bless.