At the Porziuncola - the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi - the first " Universal Embrace: We are all brothers " was launched.

It is an initiative conceived and promoted by the Argentine poet and philanthropist Alejandro Roemmers, in support of the Order.

Francesco Piloni OFM, Provincial Minister of the Province of St. Francis of Assisi in Italy, welcomed the participants in the name of the Minister General and of the entire Order.

He underlined how indispensable the need for peace and reconciliation is for the present day.

He delivered a special Diploma to Alejandro Roemmers, who will accompany this universal and symbolic embrace: "St. Francis' greetings come to the Orchestra and to every person reached by his musical notes: May the Lord grant you his peace.”

Alejandro Roemmers thanks all those present and spoke of his privilege in being present in a place so dear to St. Francis. 

He shared his hope that the Embrace " We are all brothers " would be a fundamental starting point towards a new paradigm of humanity, where every act of the let human beings be guided by the love that inspired Saint Francis. 

This initiative, in support of the Franciscans, tends to inspire young people from all over the world to be more sensitive in seeing others as themselves and as brothers and sisters. 

To the sound of the music participants from various nations, ethnic groups and languages, formed a circle, and held one another in a long embrace.

They experienced its great strength, many were deeply moved, their faces wet with tears.

From the Porziuncola, the Orchestra dell'Abbraccio d'Assisi will bring the greetings of St. Francis to the whole world.

Events are planned for June 10 in the Vatican and in other parts of the world.