The National Franciscan Pilgrimage the Holy Land 2017.

A visit to the Holy Land is probably a dream that every Christian cherishes, to pay honour to the Son of God in the places where he lived, worked and died.

It is a remarkable sign of living faith of the Church that this tradition of pilgrimage to the Holy Land, far from declining in the course of two thousand years, has grown ever more rapidly.

No place has such sacred associations and our pilgrimage will take you in the Footsteps of Our Lord visiting all the shrines and bringing alive the Gospel story.

Our programme is carefully arranged to ensure that all aspects of the Pilgrimage compliment and enrich your discovery of the holy sites so closely associated with biblical history and the life of Jesus Christ.

This year our Pilgrimage will depart from Dublin on 6th October returning on 14th October 2107.

Our Pilgrimage if for  eight nights and is lead by Fr. Bernard Jones OFM Commissary to the Holy Land, and his fellows Franciscans: Fr. Hugh McKenna, Fr. Frank McGrath and Brother Niall O’Connell. 

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