Athenaeum of S. Antonio: Franciscan University in Rome refered to popularly as the Antonianum


Baptism: The formal Christian initiation into the family of God as revealed in Jesus Christ. A person is baptised or christened by having water poured over the head or being immersed in water while the words, “I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” are said. Baptism is a collaboration of water (which is life giving) with the Holy Spirit who is the giver of all life.


Capuchin: The Order of Friars Minor (OFM) is divided into three main groups, one of which is the Capuchin Order (OFM Cap.), also known as Capuchin friars or Capuchin Franciscan friars.


Capuchin Poor Clares: A branch of Poor Clares closely associated with the Capuchin Franciscans.


Chapter: A chapter is a meeting of the members of the community to discuss and decide on issues pertaining to the community, financial, day-to-day and domestic issues, and also its mission. It meets on a regular basis. A local chapter meets every month to discuss issues relating to the local friary; a Provincial Chapter meets every three years to discuss & decide upon issues relating to the whole Province such as its governance (with election of a Minister Provincial), resources & direction, and a General Chapter meets every six years focusing on issues that pertain to the Order as a whole, such as governance (electing a new Minister General) and vision & objectives up to next General Chapter. Delegates from every province attend the General Chapter.


Colettine Poor Clares: A branch of Poor Clares subject to a reform led by St. Colette


Conceptionist Poor Clare: A branch of Poor Clares founded by St. Beatrice da Silva (b.1426, d. 1492)


Conventual Friar: one of three main groups within the Order of Friars Minor (OFM), and called Conventual friars or Conventual Franciscan friars (OFM Conv.).


Custody: This is an entity dependent on a province, and has as its leader, a custodian. The deputy custodian is called the vicar custodian.


Doctor of the Church: A title given by the Pope to a small number of saints whose contribution to theology or doctrine has been significant.


Formation: Learning to live the Franciscan way of life in community


Fraternity: This simply means brotherhood, and by extension refers to sisterhood also.


Friar Minor refers to both lay and ordained brothers (the latter being priests) of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM) founded by St. Francis of Assisi, and historically known as the 1st Order of St. Francis. These Franciscan friars include Capuchin (OFM Cap.) & Conventual (OFM Conv.) Franciscan friars also.


Guardian: local leader of a Franciscan community of friars.


Isabella Poor Clares: Isabella Poor Clares may refer to Bl. Isabelle of France (1225-1270) who founded a convent at Longchamp in Paris and drafted an approved rule.


Martyr: This is a person who gives up or sacrifices his/her life for the faith, in this case, the Catholic faith.


Minister General: Worldwide Leader, governor and administrator of any one of the branches of the Order of Friars Minor, e.g. Br. Carballo … is currently the Minister General of the Franciscan Order (OFM)


Minister Provincial: Regional Leader, governor and administrator of any one branch of the Order of Friars Minor. The deputy provincial is called the vicar provincial.


Observant Franciscans: A group of Franciscan friars who adhered to a reform to observe the Rule of St. Francis more strictly.


Penance: It is best understood as ‘a turning around’ (Greek, metonia) and relates to a person’s constant turning away from sin towards God and His commandment to love, trying always to ‘act justly, walk tenderly and humbly … before one’s God’. It is called ‘repentance’ and leads to a gradual conversion of love for God, for one’s neighbour and for all creation.


Penitent: This is a person who does penance, and all Christians are called to be penitents. In the case of the proper calendar of saints and blesseds, the title of Penitent refers to that individual’s outstanding example of living a life marked by penance.


Poor Clare refers to a sister of the Order of St. Clare (OSC), historically known as the 2nd Order of St. Francis. St. Clare of Assisi who was a contemporary and close friend of St. Francis founded them along with him.


Proper Calendar: The calendar indicating celebrations that are limited to particular countries or dioceses or religious Orders or congregations.


Province: An entity of a Franciscan (OFM), Capuchin (OFM Cap.) or Conventual (OFM Conv.) community, and usually extends over a region, for example, the Irish Province of the Franciscan Order covers all the places where Franciscan friars live in Ireland or abroad.


Rule refers to the way of life (Regula) laid down by a religious founder.


Secular Franciscan refers to a member of the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) founded by St. Francis of Assisi in 1221 A.D., and historically known as the 3rd Order of St. Francis or Franciscan tertiaries. Secular Franciscans do not live in community or take religious vows like friars, Poor Clare nuns or Third Order Regular sisters and brothers. Rather they live in secular society, married or single or indeed as secular clergy.


Seraphic Order: The title given to the Franciscan Order as St Francis is known as the Seraph of Assisi.


Stigmata: The five wounds (hands, feet & side) of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on a person’s body.


Third Order Regular (TOR) refers to a brother or sister who follow the 3rd Order Rule of St. Francis but live in community and in religious vows.


Urbanist Poor Clares: Poor Clares who follow a Rule of life drafted and approved by Pope Urban?


Vatican II: The most recent Ecumenical Council (1962-1965) held in the Vatican in which all the bishops of the world gathered together with the Pope, discussed and legislated for the renewal of the Church.


Virgin: A female saint who did not marry and usually joined a religious order professing a vow of chastity.


Widow: A female saint who lived a saintly life following her husband’s death.




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