When writing the Rule or “Way of Life” for the friars, Francis wrote:

“The Rule and Life of the Friars Minor is this, namely, to observe the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The essence of this Franciscan life remains the same today, despite changes in times and circumstances through eight centuries of history.

Franciscans are not dedicated to any specific tasks and can do virtually any work as long as it is in keeping with the Christian Gospel.

What distinguishes us is our spirituality or the combination of ideals, attitudes, practices and devotions that characterise our life of prayer, brotherhood and service.


Our aim is to live the Gospel of Jesus according to the manner of St Francis.  Francis’s vision was a simple one: he saw himself as living in a universe that reflected the beauty of God, sharing it with other creatures whom he regarded as his brothers and sisters.  He sought to respond to God’s generous love in a spirit of humility and poverty, in simplicity, joy, peace, gratitude and service and with a profound respect for all humans and other creatures.

We Irish Franciscans continue, by the grace to God,

to share the Good News of Jesus Christ,
in fidelity to the Church,
living in brotherhood,
in poverty, chastity and obedience,
working for those in need and for justice,
for the respect due to all people and to all creation,
promoting harmony and peace.

holy land 3

We believe that the message and vision of Francis and Clare of Assisi has never grown old. It still has the power to bring people closer to God and each other, in peace.

We want to share it with you. We pray that you too may be fired by the Franciscan vision and respond to it as the Lord leads you.