Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you Peace!   I’ve made reference before to ‘Prayer’ and ‘Fraternity’ as priorities of our order.   Ministry and work too areamerica.jpg extremely important.   Francis did not like laziness and he encouraged his brothers to work.   If you are considering the ‘Franciscan Way’ you might want to pay attention to the following words of our Father and Brother Francis of Assisi:

“And I used to work with my hands, and I still desire to work.   I firmly wish that all my brothers give themselves to honest work.Let those who do not know how to work learn, not from the desire for receiving wages for their work, but as an example and in order to avoid idleness.   When we are not paid for our work, let us have recourse to the table of the Lord, seeking alms from door to door.   The Lord revealed to me a greeting, as we used to say, “May the Lord give you Peace.” (Francis and Clare – Brady and Armstrong page 155)

Francis’ words to the lazy brother may seem a bit harsh but this is what he had to say: 

“Be off with you, Brother Fly, since you want to eat the labors fo your bretheren and be idle in the work of God.   You are like a barren and idle drone, who gathers nothing and does no work but consumes the toil and gain of the good bees!”   Omnibus of Sources p.1150

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God bless you as you continue to discern your vocation in life.