Franciscan Abbey, GalwayFranciscan Abbey,

8, St. Francis Street,


Tel: (091) 562518

Fax: (091) 565663

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‘The Abbey’ was founded in 1296. In 1483 a school of advanced theology was instituted there; in 1513 Maurice O Fihely, Archbishop of Tuam was buried in the church. In 1657 friary was destroyed, and the church was turned into a court house. The present court house stands on the same site. In 1660 a church was erected on the present site of the Abbey. In 1766 there were 13 friars here, but 10 were old men. In 1774 a novitiate  was opened here. In 1781 church was rebuilt and around 1836 the present chuch was opened. The present friary was built or rebuilt in 1820, and renovated in 1970s.


Fr Frank McGrath, OFM, PP

Fr Declan Timmons, OFM, CC


Sunday:  19.30 (Vigil) 8:00, 11:00, 12:30

Monday – Friday: 10:30, 13:10, 16.00

Saturday: 10:30 (Novena to Our Lady), 13:10, 19.30 (Vigil)

Eve of Holyday: 19:30

Holyday: 10:30, 13:10

Community Mass: Monday 10:30

Novena to Our Lady: Saturday 10.30

Perpetual Novena to St Anthony: Tuesday 10:30


Tuesday – Friday: 10:00-13.00, 15.00-18.00 (except during Mass)

Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00 (except during Mass)


Secular Franciscans Meeting:   First Thursday of the month, 10.30 (church) and 19.30   (parlour)


Padre Pio Mass: 19.30 on third Tuesday of the month

St Joseph’s Young Priests Society: 11.00 on third Wednesday of the month

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: Saturday, 13.30-18.00


BAPTISMS: Sundays: at 13:15 by arrangement.

FILIPINO COMMUNITY MASS: 15.00 on third Sunday of the month at 15:00

WEDDINGS: by arrangement

FUNERALS: by arrangement.