As the summer time comes to end we are full of gratitude for our brothers in formation who have completed their novitiate. Brothers Koen (Dutch Province) and Niklaus (Swiss Custody) recently made their First Profession of vows.

Nicklaus celebrates his First Profession

Their Franciscan journey continues! In Killarney the novitiate has begun and in early September we hope to welcome our Postulants to Galway.

Each stage of formation in the Franciscan life brings new challenges and rewards. The initial steps into the Franciscan way of life can come through a personal encounter with a Friar or a Franciscan Sister, a Poor Clare of a member of the Secular Franciscans.

It can come through reading one of the many Lives of St. Francis or by association with a local Franciscan Friary. It may come through reading about our Franciscan missions in the St. Anthony Brief.

Increasingly, however, that first step in made online. A google search might bring you to our website or Facebook page. It may be that someone reading these words right now is –unknown to themselves – taking their first steps towards a Gospel way of life as a Franciscan friar!

There is a great mystery about each call and St. Francis himself expressed this when, in his Testament, he wrote in a very simple, straight-forward manner, ‘the Lord gave me some brothers’.

The call to become a Franciscan is a gift from God. It is something to be welcomed and pursued with generosity. The Lord of the Harvest continues to call and for this we give thanks to God!