Dear Friends,

Peace and joy to you and yours.   May you have a happy week as you walk gently with God.   It’s a cold morning here in Killarney with some snow on the mountains and we’ve already had a couple of heavy hail showers.   This morning our 8 a.m Mass was celebrated by one of the Redemptorist priests, Fr Rob,who is part of the team giving the ‘Parish Mission’ here in the Cathedral Parish in Killarney.  
Last week I had three new men displaying an interest in our way of life so thank God for that.   I’ve already had a first meeting with  one of those men so hopefully I’ll meet up with the other two as soon as I can.
Next week-end I’ve five men coming to one of our friaries to experience our way of life.   Keep them in your prayers.
Looking forward to keeping you informed of other developments.
God bless,