pic2Saint Francis of Assisi possessed the rare gift of being constantly aware of the gracious love, beauty and goodness of God reflected in the wondrous variety of created things, an awareness that aroused in his followers a desire to proclaim this to others so that they too could touch the Love and Beauty that lies behind all that is good and beautiful.

As a consequence Franciscan spirituality is characterised by heartfelt praise and gratitude. Francis wanted God to be worshipped with all possible reverence and honour and this is reflected in the surviving Irish Franciscan Altar Plate and in the simple and graceful architecture of the late Medieval Friaries scattered throughout the country.pic1

At the same time, since traces of God are to be found everywhere Franciscan spirituality is also characterised by a feeling of ‘at home-ness’ in the world and this has induced in Franciscans a reverential curiosity in everything, in nature, language and literature, history and chronicles, in the small stuff of everyday life, and in the natural and well as the sacred sciences. Irish Franciscans of the past have left behind them plentiful evidence of this holy curiosity.


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