Limerick man, Fr Alfred Loughran, OFM, who has served for over 40 years in El Salvador and other Central American countries, has had a statue uveiled in his honour.



Alfred was parish priest in the town of Gotera during the civil war which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands in El Salvador. During that time the friars strongly defended the rights of the ordinary people.



The celebration took place after the Fiesta Mass of San Francisco on the 4 October 2010. The local bishop presided at the Mass and afterwards the celebration took place in the square in front of the church, which also has the the local municipal offices and the  goverment . The friar was given a small plaque saying that the the municipal authorities had agreed to name the square ” Plaza Cultural Fray Alfredo O Lochráinn”. After a few speeches the Bishop blessed the bust and it was unveiled.


Fr Alfie writes: “I suppose it was because I have been the longest serving parish priest in the history of the parish. Most of the  Irish friars who ministered in El Salvador, Brendan Forde, Crispin, Pat Hudson, Livín, John Dalton, Peter O Neill, Gerrry Moore, Ronán  Ciarán O Nuanáin, Michael Lenihan, have all lived and spent time in Gotera. I was the longest serving Irish friar, having spent  almost twenty years there originally and then returning here again two years ago. I see this honour as acknowledging the contribution made by all the friars who served the people.”