Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   Once when Francis came from a place of prayer he revealed to the Brothers what the Lord had shown him.  As Vocations Director this revelation gives me great hope for our future, not only here in Ireland but also worldwide:“Take heart, dear Brothers, and rejoice in the Lord.   Do not be downcast because you seem so few, and do not worry about my simplicity or your own.   For the Lord in his truth has shown me a vision:  God will turn us into a vast multitude;  he will swell our numbers until we reach the ends of the earth.   I must also tell you for your own good what else I saw:   I would much rather be silent about it, but charity compels me to tell you.

I have seen a great multitude of men coming to us and wishing to wear the habit of our holy Brotherhood and to live with us under our religious rule.   Indeed, I can still hear the sound they make as they go and come back in answer to the call of holy obedience.   I have seen the highways teeming with them as they gather here in their tens of thousands from almost every nation on earth.   Frenchmen are coming, Spaniards are hurrying here, Germans and Englishmen are running to join us, and numberless hoardes of others speaking every language under the sun make haste to be with us.”  (From Thomas of Celano – The First Life of St. Francis of Assisi 27)

We are indeed an international brothehood and I am ‘Vocations Director’ of our Irish Franciscan Province.   If you would like to be part of this brotherhood please make contact with me at

Many blessings and much joy to you as you enter the holy season of Lent.