Dear Friends,

This message addressed by Blessed John Paul II to the Franciscan Family in Rome on November 15th, 1982 is as relevant today, almost thirty years later, as it was then:

“Go, you who are the friars of the people, into the heart of the masses, to those teeming multitudes, wandering aimlessly, and dejectedMexico image like sheep without a shepherd, those very ones for whom Jesus felt compassion…Go. you also, to the men and women of our time!   Don’t wait for them to come to you!   You yourselves must seek  them out!   It is Love which drives us to do this…

The whole Church will be grateful to you.”

In this picture Padraig Breheny an Irish Franciscan, is the friar, to the front wearing the sunglasses.   Padraig was the representative of the Irish Franciscan Province at an international gathering of Franciscans (OFM) for those who have been professed ten years or less.

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Many blessings as you discern your vocation in life.