The Irish Franciscans

Are happy to invite you to the launch of

The Simplest Prayer: A Book of Love and Faith

On Saturday 18 October 2014

At 2.00pm

At Adam and Eve’s

Merchants’ Quay


The launch will form part of the Franciscan Family’s day of celebration marking the Year of the Holy Name of Jesus.

From the Forward

“Francis of Assisi was a man whose heart was enthralled and whose mind was captivated by the person of Jesus. He rejoiced that the Lord was ‘the fullness of good, all good, every good, the true and supreme good.’

In keeping with our Franciscan spirit, these pages, written by an Irish friar, attempt to present with clarity the beauty and the goodness of the Lord that we might be drawn to him by attraction. The simplest prayer is to reach out in faith to him whose love and mercy will never fail us.

May all who read this book be drawn closer to the Lord Jesus in heartfelt trust; may they experience anew the grace of his presence, and know with joy the gift of his love in their lives.”

Hugh McKenna, OFM, Provincial Minister.


This book, beautifully illustrated by the Poor Clares in Galway, includes practical advice on meditation and using Jesus’ own words for help in many situations, including periods of loss, grief, gratitude, anxiety and depression.

The Simplest Prayer shows us how we can open ourselves to the presence of Jesus in our everyday lives.

Hardcover. 196 pages.

Proceeds from the sale of The Simplest Prayer will be donated to our Franciscan Mission in Zimbabwe.