For those who are discerning a vocation to the religious life there are many questions. Some of these questions can be answered very simply by an email or a chat. But some questions don’t come to the surface until the person who is searching has come to visit with us and is spending time among us, in community.

We host “Come and See” Weekends for those who have been expressing an interest in our way of life, thinking and praying about what they are called by God to be.

By joining us in community for a weekend the person discerning their vocation has the opportunity to see us about our daily lives, praying, working, sharing meals, and so on.

A weekend with the friars won’t answer all the questions a person has about Religious Life and what path to choose. But it can often be a very important step on the journey.

Our next “Come and See” Weekend will be in Galway from 13th to 15th October.

Please pray for those who will join us for this weekend, that God will bless them on their journey, wherever it is God is calling them.

If you are interested in the Franciscan way of life please contact:

Friar Liam Kelly OFM
Phone:  087 396 0262 
Postal address: Franciscan Friary, Ennis, Co Clare.