We recently held a Come and See Weekend in our Friary in Ennis. We were delighted to host four men on this weekend visit, each taking time out from their ordinary lives of work/study to share our life in community.
It was a great experience for the friars; making space at the table during meals and, of course, making space in our oratory during our times of community prayer. The young men brought with them the energy and enthusiasm of explorers, and they also had that infectious sense of fun which is part of setting out on a journey.
During the weekend we were able to visit our Franciscan roots in the nearby ancient friary at Quin and we paid a visit to our next-door neighbours, the Poor Clare Sisters.
Three of the sisters shared their vocation stories with our guests and then, when the other sisters arrived, there was a great back and forth and plenty of laughs – as you would expect – visiting a Poor Clare monastery!
Please keep our four recent guests in your prayers as they continue to discern what God is calling them to.
Please keep in your prayers also the others who have been in contact with us and have not yet made a visit to one of our houses.
The Come and See weekend is an important stage in an individual’s discernment but it also reminds us friars of the great gift we have in our fraternity; it reminds us of the gift we have in our shared Franciscan way of life, a life which continues to intrigue and inspire others.
If you are interested in the Franciscan way of life please contact:

Friar Liam Kelly OFM

Phone:  087 396 0262 

Email: irishfranciscansofm@gmail.com 

Postal address: Franciscan Friary, Ennis, Co Clare.

The novices in Killarney celebrate Br Vianney's birthday in February