Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   Recently in  ‘Web Watch’  in the Irish Catholic  Greg Daly referring to his god daughters First Profession wrote: “One of the impressive things about the sisters or indeed anybody trying their vocation in today’s world is their courage.   It seems clear that a willingness to get out there and speak of the faith in the public square is vital for the future of the Church.   Indeed, it’s vital not simply to sow seeds for the Church’s future, but to give hope to beleaguered Christians today.”

It’s for this reason that we Irish Franciscans are present at events such as the ‘Ploughing Championships’.   For many years now we’ve taken a stand there.   This is a great opportunity for our younger  members to get involved in what I refer to as ‘Marketplace Ministry’.   As I see it, that’s the way of the future.   We have to be where the people are whether it’s at the Ploughing  Championships, in ‘Shopping Centres’ or in the streets.   We mustn’t be afraid to engage in conversations with all those who come to speak with us or who ask for our prayers.  Many people affirm us in our ministry but often we find many challenging us which of course gives us the opportunity to speak up for the ‘faith within us’.  

If you think you could be part of such a challenging way of life why not contact me.   Details given on this website. 

God bless you as you continue discerning what God is asking you to do with your life.