Dear Friends,


May the Lord give you peace.   Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God.   Just recently I purchased a book ‘Franciscan Christmas’ by Kathleen M. Carroll (published by St Anthony messenger Press).   This is a beautiful little book and one worth reflecting on over the Christmas season, indeed I’d recommend it for any time of year particulary for those interested in Franciscan Spirituality.   Chapter two is on Mary and Kathleen says of her:   “Her focus was on God.   She was so single-minded in this that she could hear the angels voice asking the impossible of her.   She was so committed that she said yes, knowing full well that she was endangering her own life.   And she was so faithful that she


brought  this infant into the world, raised him to adulthood and stood by his side when he was tortured and executed.   Though Mary’s role in the life of Jesus was often described as the faithful yes of an inspired moment it was, like all motherhood, the work of a lifetime.”


To-day let us pray for all the mothers we know, especially our own mothers and of course for all who have mothered us into being the people we are.   Let us pray too for more vocations to the ‘Francisan Way’ of life and on this the first day of 2011 I ask your prayers in a very special way for those men and women who are discerning their call to follow Jesus in the way of St. Francis and Clare.


I pray that 2011 will be a special year for all of you and that you, your familes and all those you care about will be blessed with peace, joy and good health


God bless you all.



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