New Prayer Leaflets for Vocations and for Every Day

During the Corona virus pandemic the official advice was not to leave or distribute prayer cards, journals, or papers in our church porches. Over the past two years familiar prayer cards and CTS literature have more or less disappeared from the back of churches and have only now begun to appear again.

The Irish Franciscans have recently printed some attractive prayer leaflets which will soon be in our friary church porches again. One is a short leaflet with a number of popular prayers; prayers for every day, such as, a prayer for success in exams,  a prayer in time of financial difficulty, a prayer for protection, a prayer for serenity, a prayer for healing, a prayer for employment and, of course, the novena prayer in honour of St. Anthony.

The other leaflet includes prayers for discernment and for vocations to our way of life, and short pieces of St. Francis’ writings. As we distribute these prayers we hope they will make their way into the hands of many who are searching for guidance and hope in our country today.

God is good! God accompanies us on our journey through life and sometimes God puts into our hands the words we need at a particular time; the prayer that inspires or the verse that gives us hope.

Please feel free to take one of these prayer cards with you on your next visit to a Friary church/Friary Office. And if you know someone who may be considering a vocation to service in the Church, someone you think has the qualities of a Franciscan Friar, consider passing on one of our cards.

As the Gospel of account of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes teaches us, the Lord has the power to multiply and do wonderful things with our small offerings!

Friar Liam OFM


If you are interested in the Franciscan way of life please contact:

Friar Liam Kelly OFM

Phone:  087 396 0262 

Postal address: Franciscan Friary, The Abbey, Francis Street, Galway City.