Night Fever returned to the the Franciscan church, the Abbey, Galway city, on the night of 19 January. Many young and not so young people – including our three novices Friars Damian, Richard and Ronan – were on the streets inviting young people to drop into the church, to light a candle and say a prayer before the Blessed Sacrament exposed. Many took up the offer.

The next Night Fever in Galway takes place on 1 March.

Night Fever?

Nightfever is essentially like a Church open night. For several hours late into the night the volunteers faithfully engage with the mission. Wearing hi-visibility clothing they quickly attract attention and simply ask people would they like to light a candle in the church and inform them of the free event that’s happening inside with music and candlelight. 

Almost immediately streams of people start to engage with the missionaries and there is an incessant flow of passers-by into the Church. Escorted by the missionaries the people on the streets are invited to light their candle at the altar and spend some time in the presence of the Lord. There is also an opportunity for them to reflect on a passage from Scripture or write a prayer and place it in the intentions box.

Priests are discreetly available to chat to, or for confession. All during this time another team of young people are constantly praying for the mission in the Church while several others are engaged in the welcome, hospitality and music ministries.