I live by the sea and I often watch the gulls hover in the wind. They know the art of working with the wind. They let the wind carry them. That is why they are able to remain in the air for so many hours and yet not grow tired.

The gulls teach me how to be carried by the wind of the Spirit, the Breath of God.

It is hard to walk against a strong wind. Yet with what ease we move when the wind is in our favour. So when I am ‘moving in the Spirit’ how much ‘lighter’ does my daily Christian living become. But what heavy work I make of my life when I am out of tune with the movement of grace!

One of the Fathers of the Church put it clearly: ‘The breath of the Spirit blows to fill the sails of our faith and our praise.’

An even earlier source, the second century Odes of Solomon, uses another image.

‘As the wind passes through the lyre

And the strings speak,

In the same way through my inward being

Sounds the Spirit of the Lord, and I speak in his love.’

The wonder is that the Spirit who hovered over the waters at the dawn of creation is available now to me, to you, to breathe fresh life into us and to uphold us with power from on high.

Come Holy Spirit, Come Divine Wind, Come!

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